Friday, 12 October 2018


Greetings....Early this Saturday morning the sun was shinning after overnight rain so I decided to visit the MENANGLE Steam Rally- it is about fifteen minutes from home. I usually attend the event each year and find it all very enjoyable each time. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

The old yellow tractor with plough.

View along the track to the Event.

View across the paddock- with the smell of wood burning.

A Vintage Flat Bed Truck.

Restored Tractors with Implements.

Stationary Steam Engines.

A movable Stationary Steam Engines.

A Stationary Steam Engine.

Firebox end of the Portable Stationary Steam Engine.

Oil Fired Portable Engines.

Miniature Steam Engines Display.

Display of Miniature Steam Engines - many being 'Beam Engines'.

Vendor Stall selling Railway Books and accessories.

A restored Dumper- Front End Loader.

Kerosene-or Oil Engine.

Small 4-Stroke Engines.

The Steam Shed.

Working Stationary Horizontal Steam Engine and Boiler.

Vertical Steam Engines.

Display of Scratch Built Model Tractors.

Little Replica Tractors- made of wood.

The Restaurant Coach under cover.

Small Diesel Railway Engine.

The Station.

Looking Down the Tracks.

Station- Name Board.

The little Engine steaming into view.

The Locomotive nears the Station Platform.

The 'Guard' emerges from the open carriage.

The 'Helper Diesel'.

Big Old Traction Engine.

The Big Old Traction Engine is always fired up year after year.

Close up of the Traction Engine.

In the Big Shed there are a number of Traction Engines.

View of The Picnic Area.

View showing the 'Tractor Ride'.

Old Carriage used for buying Tickets.

Railway Mugs for sale.

Outside the Dinning Carriage.
The Carriage area use to be open - now all under cover- the Members have made a lot of improvements since last year.

The Little Railway Engine - with Engineer.

Display showing the interior of a typical Steam Boiler.

A Vintage Car.

Old Tractors in various states of repair.

A lot of areas are fenced for public safety.

A big Traction Engine with rubber tires.

Detail of the Smoke Box.

A Portable Steam Engine being redyed for steaming.

Detail of Plaque.

A Traction Engine that is usually used to run the 'Threshing Machine'.

Un-restored Portable Steam Engines.

The Grey Tractor with Roller.

View towards the Big Shed across the Picnic Area.

The Portable Cafe'.

The Portable Cafe' with restored truck.

A Steam Lorry.

Medieval Club - Display.
( Sometimes there are Military Clubs at the event as well.)

Mint condition 'Super Major' Tractor.

Detail of the 'Super Major'.

Large Indoor engines -a working display.

The 'Super Major'.

Portable Pump Engines.

A Portable Pump Engine.

The Old Traction Engine - with one Driver -operator.

The Massey Ferguson Tractor - used for Tractor Rides.

Older vehicles- Fire Truck and Tow Trucks.

The Tractor Ride.

Old V8 Ute with AUS Flags.

A David Brown Tractor- I operated one way back in 1971 on Mr Scotts Farm.

Ride on Mowers - converted for 'Racing'.

A 'Racing' Ride on Lawn Mower.

Small Pump Engine.

Small Pump Engine demonstration.

Vertical Pump Engine.

Pump Engine.

Pump Engines were used mainly on Farms.

An Old Tractor - still in working condition.

Miniature Steam Engines - run on compressed air.

The Australian Flag at the Entry.

After looking around- taking snap shots and having a Coffee - I decided to head home.
Rain was predicted for to-day, and here it is now 3pm in the afternoon and it hasn't rained yet- which is very good for The Menangle Steam Rally.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.
Until next time.
Cheers. KEV.