Thursday, 6 December 2018

A DAY for STAR TREK Miniatures.

Hi....Woke early this morning thinking about my own version of STAR TREK miniature space ships. I did some Designs on paper with pencil and ruler- all the while thinking about the materials I had at hand -work then progressed onto making a Federation Star ship, two Klingon Cruisers and I capped the day off by writing a set of miniature Rules and then (this evening) set about playing a Game with my newly constructed Spaceships.
The parts for my Federation Starship - U.S.S. ALBION.

The U.S.S. ALBION assembled.

Aft view of the U.S.S. ALBION.

The ALBION all painted up.

Rear view of the ALBION.

Work progress on two Klingon Cruisers.

Klingon Cruiser ready for painting.

Two Klingon Cruisers painted.

A comparison photo showing the relative size difference between the Klingon Ships and the 

The start of my Star ship Battle.

Aft shot of the two Klingon Cruisers.

U.S.S. ALBION  at the ready along with my Rules Sheet, D6 Dice and Tape Measure.

Towards the end of the battle- the nearest Klingon Cruiser had been knocked out and the U.S.S. Albion passes it and pursues the other Klingon Cruiser as it flees.

The Pursuit.

One Klingon Cruiser escapes- though somewhat mauled.

The victorious U.S.S. Albion.



'First Contact'

Two Klingon Vor-Char Cruisers confront the Federation's Starship U.S.S. Albion. The Klingons closed the range taking up both port and starboard positions. The Albion had the initiative and poured a devastating fire into the #1 Klingon Cruiser on it's Portside using both Phazer and Photon Torpedo.

The Klingon #1 Cruiser suffered 'Critical Hits' rendering it without  thrust and becoming completely immobile- also severe crew casualties were caused with only 20% of the crew remaining. 

Accordingly the Klingon Captain 'Crag'- abandoned his damaged Cruiser - transporting to the #2 Klingon Cruiser which was only a small distance away (250mm).

With the U.S.S. Albion in pursuit the #2 Klingon Cruiser made it's escape - though seriously damaged.

The U.S.S. Albion came through it's first engagement  with the Klingons relatively unscathed with only it's Shields down by 40% of Full Strength. A great beginning for Captain Pritchard and his Crew.


I've had a good day- like what has been made and am well pleased.

Cheers. KEV.


  1. Great looking action , I like the ships - your own rule set ?

    1. Tony- Thanks. Pleased you like the look of the small encounter between the Federation and the Klingons. Glad you like the Space Ships - they are my own Trek type designs and area little Retro- which is what I wanted to do. Yes, I've written my own set of Rules...surprising that it did not take long to write the Rules and do a data sheet also. Should complete a few more Space Battles and iron out the finer points before setting it all out onto proper Computer printed sheets. Cheers. KEV.

  2. Very nice scratch built models.

    1. Peter- Pleased you like the Federation and Klingon Space Ships...I drew up my own designs this morning and wanted their shapes to be Retro looking. The simple designs are also more a function of the materials and tools that I have on hand to do the job. I really like Scratch Building - certainly get a lot out of it. Cheers. KEV.