Saturday, 21 December 2019


I though that many of our Overseas Bloggers and Friends may not know what Australian Bush Fires look like here in New South Wales where we have 100 of these monsters today 21st Dec 2019.

It does not get much worse for our RURAL FIRE SERVICE of which there are currently 3000 Volunteers fighting the fires. We've been joined by Fire Fighters from Canada and America.

Locally - just yesterday the small communities near Picton NSW (just west of us) lost 20 Homes - around the Tamoor- Buxton Area- our heats go out to the Families who have lost everything....Australian are good in a crisis and the affected Families will be looked after this Christmas.

We don't know when all this will end- fires in Queensland all the way down to the Southern Boarder of New South Wales and also in Western Australia....please say a Prayer for the Men and Women of the Fire Service.

Regards. KEV.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Special COLLECTION of Things.

Hi...I've decided to show you some of the Special items which I have gathered over the years.

I purchased the Aqua-Blue Fish at Kiama-New South Wales- many years ago.

I've not seen another like it -since buying it from the coastal town of Kiama.

I bought the MERMAID from the small coastal township of Milton NSW.
At times I've thought of painting the statue a bronze color - though as the years have gone by I've decided the plain natural color to be preferred.
Some years ago now I saw a rather large Mermaid at the inland Gardenwares at Balaclava- it was huge and probably was five feet tall - in bronze- though a bit beyond my funds- alas.

The Pelican was found in an Antique Shop at the township of Ulladulla NSW.

The Pelican is quite big and certainly a favorite reminder of the New South Wales coast.

Most of my Shells were purchased at Kiama NSW.

The SEA TURTLE and Glass Float.
I obtained these two items from the one shop - at the old Quarryman's Cottages- Kiama.

My largest Shell was a gift from my Partner's Parents - the Shell is from the Central Coast -Port McQuarrie where Mr & Mrs Earnshaw liked to holiday. It is a very special shell.

My EFFANBEE Navy Sailor.

My US Sailor arrived this morning -very surprised as it has only taken seven days for the package to make it's way from Severn, Maryland USA.
I'm very pleased with the Navy Sailor- ecstatic in fact! 
He is a beaut - and you'll see more of him in later Posts.

Well that is my news for this evening.
Three weeks of Winter left - cannot wait for Spring.
Stay well my Friends.
Best Wishes. KEV.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019


Hi....I've always liked the Navy and when I was a youngster I did want a Toy Sailor- however, my Father said: "I'm not paying any of my wage for that!" and so my hopes were dashed.

Tonight from e-Bay I've purchased an 'Effenbee Mickey NAVY Sailor' - USN...he is 11" tall.
The Doll will be sent from Severn, Maryland USA and it should arrive to here in Sydney within the next three weeks. I'm hoping for the 20th August ...though, the last time I bought something from Overseas it took a staggering six weeks! So, I hope the service from the States is going to be a little better than that.

I'm very much looking forward to the arrival of my US Navy Sailor. The Doll has a lot of character and patina- I guess I'll make a decision later on if I will need to have the Uniform re-made or not....since the Doll is 1960s Vintage -it may be best to keep the Uniform as is- with it's aged look and not have the Uniform restored.

It is strange that I've waited until Retirement to obtain my Navy Sailor Doll- though well worth the wait. On the Navy- when I was in Primary School - I wanted to join the 'SEA SCOUTS' Father said: "The Uniform costs too much!" and that was the end of that....most unfortunate- I could see that if I did become a Sea Scout there was every possibility of later joining The Royal Australian Navy at the age of sixteen....none of this ever happened and I've always in later years regretted missing out on the Navy.

Well- that is my news.
Have fun Folks.
Until Later.
Cheers. KEV.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Special COLLECTION of things.

Hi....Thought to show some of my Special Things which I've collected over the years.
 Above is shown my ROGARK SAILOR - I purchased the Sailor from Portsmouth England - he was made in Wales back in the 1960s. The sailor is in perfect condition- brand new- and I do have the original Rogark Box which is also in excellent condition. I've seen some of these dolls for sale on e-bay and they arn't anywhere near the condition of my little Sailor.

The LIGHTHOUSE Model was purchased by me at the Cornish coastal village of Polperro back in May is an excellent model and certainly reminds me of the lovely village of Polperro.

My ANGEL - many decades ago I purchased the figurine from an antique shop at the Coastal Village of Milton- the figure had two broken wings - which I later repaired- the ANGEL brings me luck.

SNOW WHITE and The SEVEN DWARFS. I purchased the Disney figures from Hong Kong and when they arrived I was disappointed with the paint finish- so I decided to undercoat all the figures and referring to a GOLDEN BOOK - repainted all the figures to how they should look. Very pleased.

My HUMMEL Figures. Back in May of 2015 I purchased the pair of Hummel figures from the riverside German town of BAMBURG...I just adore these delightful figures- they are very cute and brilliantly painted.

Well- that is a few of my favorite things.
Until next time.
Cheers. KEV.