Friday, 11 January 2019


Hi...Yesterday I was visiting a local Pop Culture shop named 'ZING' at McCarthur Square noticed a nice looking action figure named 'Valerian'- I also noted that there was a Boxed Game 'Valerian' available. I knew nothing about 'Valerian' and went home to look it all up on the Internet- I found out there was a movie produced in 2017 named 'VALERIAN and the City of a Thousand Planets'- also, the movie was based on a French Comic Series dating back to the early 1970s. In the afternoon I returned to the shop and purchased the 'Valerian' 7inch Action Figure (Major Valerian') and the Boxed Game - 'Valerian'...and from the 'Sanity' shop I purchased the DVD 'Valerian'....later I also traveled to Liverpool to ZING's other shop at Westfields to purchase the female hero Valerian Action Figure - 'Laureline'.
Some Cover Art for VALERIAN.

The Ryan Miller boxed game - 'VALERIAN The Alpha Missions'.

Our VALERIAN Character Heroes- Major Valerian and Laureline.


The 7inch Action Figure - 'Major VALERIAN'.

The 7inch Action Figure - 'LAURELINE'.


I just love well made miniature figures and the 7inch Action figures are superb in every way- absolutely the best figures I've ever owned.

The DVD Movie was excellent and enjoyed it greatly - the special effects- computer graphics are just out of this world. I will not say anything about the plot or story line - I do not want to spoil it for you if you havn't seen the movie yet.

I set up the Boxed game this afternoon and had a go at it - several times playing Solo- this really does not work as the game is meant to be multi-player and each player is meant to help out their fellow players.

On cost....I've had a huge windfall with everything....the 7inch Action Figures were originally priced at $50 each- then reduced to $38....I bought them for $27 each.
The Boxed Game was originally priced at $78 and I was surprised to be only charged $19.50 for the I've managed to save about $76 on the purchases.
The DVD was $15 from 'Sanity' at McCarthur.

If I've learnt anything over these two days is that when it comes to my own Sci-Fi Concepts for
Games with Designs - I will need to lift my game a whole lot and be a whole lot better at it- my thoughts are very dated and I need to upgrade.

Well that is it for to-night.
I've enjoyed exploring VALERIAN a great deal.
Happy Modelling and gaming.
Cheers. KEV.


  1. Must admit I haven't heard of this movie .

    1. Tony- I do not know what i was doing in 2017 to miss this Movie- certainly inspiring to watch and any Sci-Fi fan would love it. Cheers. KEV.

  2. I've never heard of it either but it looks like a great find.

    1. Hi Ross- yes, certainly a great find and I'm wondering how I managed to miss the Movie's release in 2017. The 7inch figures are superb- absolutely amazing detail- very pleased. Cheers. KEV.