Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Special COLLECTION of things.

Hi....Thought to show some of my Special Things which I've collected over the years.
 Above is shown my ROGARK SAILOR - I purchased the Sailor from Portsmouth England - he was made in Wales back in the 1960s. The sailor is in perfect condition- brand new- and I do have the original Rogark Box which is also in excellent condition. I've seen some of these dolls for sale on e-bay and they arn't anywhere near the condition of my little Sailor.

The LIGHTHOUSE Model was purchased by me at the Cornish coastal village of Polperro back in May 2015....it is an excellent model and certainly reminds me of the lovely village of Polperro.

My ANGEL - many decades ago I purchased the figurine from an antique shop at the Coastal Village of Milton- the figure had two broken wings - which I later repaired- the ANGEL brings me luck.

SNOW WHITE and The SEVEN DWARFS. I purchased the Disney figures from Hong Kong and when they arrived I was disappointed with the paint finish- so I decided to undercoat all the figures and referring to a GOLDEN BOOK - repainted all the figures to how they should look. Very pleased.

My HUMMEL Figures. Back in May of 2015 I purchased the pair of Hummel figures from the riverside German town of BAMBURG...I just adore these delightful figures- they are very cute and brilliantly painted.

Well- that is a few of my favorite things.
Until next time.
Cheers. KEV.