Saturday, 21 December 2019


I though that many of our Overseas Bloggers and Friends may not know what Australian Bush Fires look like here in New South Wales where we have 100 of these monsters today 21st Dec 2019.

It does not get much worse for our RURAL FIRE SERVICE of which there are currently 3000 Volunteers fighting the fires. We've been joined by Fire Fighters from Canada and America.

Locally - just yesterday the small communities near Picton NSW (just west of us) lost 20 Homes - around the Tamoor- Buxton Area- our heats go out to the Families who have lost everything....Australian are good in a crisis and the affected Families will be looked after this Christmas.

We don't know when all this will end- fires in Queensland all the way down to the Southern Boarder of New South Wales and also in Western Australia....please say a Prayer for the Men and Women of the Fire Service.

Regards. KEV.