Thursday, 18 August 2022

BACCUS 6mm ARMIES on Order.

 Hi...Today I've ordered from England two 6mm BRITISH ARMY PACKS and GRENADIERS.

For my Imagi-nations Malburian armies of GROLSTEIN and STANIZBURG there will be armies of 12 Regiments - 10 Musketeers and 2 Regiments of Grenadiers in each Army- plus there will be Cavalry, Artillery and Generals.
I have not yet received my first order from Baccus - though I'm confident I can paint up the little 6mm figures to a reasonable standard- so, I went ahead to-day and ordered the Armies  from England.

Tonight I will draw up some more Building Designs in 6mm - though I won't commit to making them until I have some actual Baccus Figure castings to satisfy me that I've got the Scale of the Buildings correct for 6mm.


Well- that is my News for to-night. Certainly looking forward to doing my Imagi-nations Project.

Best Wishes. KEV.

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

6mm Model BUILDINGS and MAP.

 Hi...I've made some Paper 6mm Buildings and a MAP. I'm reluctant to do more model buildings in case I have the Scale wrong. Here are some photos.

I've made nine buildings using three basic types.

I drew up the profile of each building to twice full size and colored it in - then had the drawing reduced 50% on a color photocopier. The paper building was then glued onto thin cardboard with Bostick...after drying the building was cut out with the stanley knife then it was folded then glued with Super Glue.

I'm well pleased with the little Paper 6mm Buildings and I've saved a lot by not buying resin models.


Above is shown my simple MAP for my 6mm Imagi-nations depicting the Kingdom of GROLSTEIN and the Kingdom of STANIZBERG. The MAP shows the major Towns, Roads and Rivers - off course there would be small Villages along the way - and these I've decided not to show on the MAP.

Well that is my news for this evening. It is very cold here at night.

Best Wishes. KEV.

Saturday, 13 August 2022

IMAGI-NATIONS 6mm BACCUS Armies- Progress Report.

Hi...The other night I placed a small order with England for some 6mm BACCUS Malburian Figures. I've ordered 96 Musketeers and 48 Grenadiers - if I can paint these up properly then I'll order further figures and build up two Armies of equal size.

BACCUS have a really good Tutorial on painting the Malburian Infantry - if I follow their advice I should be able to produce something passable that will please me.

For my Imagi-nations I intend to have two opposing small Nations - 'The Kingdom of GROLSTEIN' and 'The Kingdom of STANIZBURG'. The Grolstein Army will be in Grey Uniforms and the Uniforms for Stanizburg will probably be Blue.

I intend to play games Solo by myself during the Summer Months - I'll play on a 3'6" x 6' table on our covered Back Verandah. It is interesting that playing 6mm on a 3'6" wide table is the same as playing 28mm on a 14' wide table....needless to say the 6mm moving across a 3'6" table- there will be ample room for movement.

Bluebear Jeff was a Canadian Wargamer who sadly passed away in 2016. Jeff was doing an Imagi-nations Project in 25mm for the Malburian Period. Jeff drew up the MAP shown above for his Campaign- a splendid job he did producing a wonderful  MAP.....I thought you'd like to see it.

Well- that is my News for Saturday Night- it is very cold and has been raining. I guess I'll need to be super patient whilst I await the Baccus Order to arrive from overseas. I'm very much looking forward to this Project - it'll be great to make a start on it as I work towards getting it ready for the Summer.

Stay well there Friends across the Globe.

Best Wishes. KEV.

Thursday, 11 August 2022


 Hi...By adding my 1/32nd MRRC Figures to the set up- my Circuit is now complete and I'm very happy.

The GINETTA being serviced by the Pitcrew.
The Drivers ready themselves behind the ESSO barrier.

The Track Officials gather about the Control Tower.

Spectators behind the Mobil 1 Safety Barrier.

The Northern Grandstand.
The figures are a mix of MRRC and Carrera.

The Southern Grandstand.
Carrera 1/32nd Figures.

Trackside photo of 'Pit Straight' around the SHELL Control Tower.

My collection of eight Le Mans type race cars.
The cars are by Scalextric and

View of the Circuit from the Southern End.

View of the Circuit from the Northern End.

Pitcrew go into action on the Le Mans GINETTA #6 Car.


I had my friend Michael around this afternoon for a couple of hours racing. We had four races and Michael won every event. Michael set a blistering pace in the final race with my LANCIA LC2 #6 car- Michael set a Track Record with a time of 4.7 seconds. ( The best I can do with the LANCIA is 6.7 seconds).

Well- all up everything is completed with the Circuit- all we need to do is have fun racing the Slot Cars. I think the Hobby now is Racing and adding new race cars to the Collection. I've been going on this Project since the end of May 2022- it is now at the ten week mark and it is basically completed.

Stay well my Friends across the Globe. Until next installment - Best Wishes. KEV.

Tuesday, 9 August 2022

A Busy Few Days with my Slot Car Circuit.

 Hi...I've been busy painting up 30 MRRC 1/32nd Slot Car Figures. With three boxes completed I now have sets of Drivers and Pitcrew, Track Officials and Spectators.

The chap who sculpted these figures for MRRC all those years ago did a fantastic job.

The MRRC figures are superb.
Tomorrow I will place the figures in position on the Circuit.

The PINES Inn.
The other day my friend Michael suggested I make a Pub for the Circuit.
So- I built an INN. I'm well pleased with the new building.

The new PORSCHE 962C LH arrived yesterday.
I now have two Porsche race cars- certainly like the 962C model.

Well- that is my news for this evening.
It is very cold and raining slightly.

Stay well my Friends across the Globe.
Cheers. KEV.

Friday, 5 August 2022

NEW SLOT CAR on the way!

 Hi....This morning I placed and order for a New PORSCHE 962C which should arrive next Monday.

I really like the #17 PORSCHE 962C from 1993.
I've also ordered a meter of 3mm wide Braid.

I've also ordered a packet of Carrera Figures for my Grandstands.
These should do very nicely for Grandstand Spectators.

My Circuit Control Tower - I could really do with a lot of 1/32nd scale figures.
In the next week I hope to paint up the 30 MRRC plastic figures for the Track.

That is my news for Friday Night.
Stay well my Friends.
Cheers. KEV.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022


Hi...I've had a good couple of days scratch building items for my Scalextric Slot Car Circuit.

Overview of the items I have scratch built from 6mm and 3mm MDF- Custom Wood, Mat Board, Cardboard and Paper. The Glue used was Parfix Super Glue and Selleys Contact Adhesive.

I made two Safety Barriers for both sides of the Scratch Built Control Tower.

The Northern Grandstand labelled Bosch and Olivetti.

The Southern Grandstand - I'm going to need a lot of seated people to fill both Grandstands.

My CAFE 'Moccona'.
I thought it a good idea to have a Cafe so the miniature people can get a coffee and cake - perhaps even some pastries or have a complete sit down meal.

The Raceway Office - First Aid Centre.
Not the most interesting building - though fairly pleased with it.

Overview from the Southern End of the Circuit.

The SHELL Control Tower and Safety Barriers.

Complete overview of the entire Scalextric Circuit.
I may change the table surface color to be more Green at a later stage.

View from the Northern End of the Circuit.

My latest car - The LANCIA LC2 #29.


The LANCIA LC2 #29 on the track making it's way down Pit Straight - I like this Le Mans car a lot.

Well folks that is my news for tonight. It has been a fairly warm day and evening for Winter.

Until next installment- stay well- Best Wishes. KEV.

Monday, 1 August 2022

RACE DAY here - with MICHAEL.

 Hi...This morning my mate Michael Bourke visited for a round of Slot Car Races. We had four races and Michael won all four events.

Michael took a liking to racing my red #17 Generic Le Mans car- he liked the way it hugged the Scalextric Track and #17 did achieve great speed on the 37ft Track.
Michael has been involved with Slot Cars for many years and has a really good set up in his garage. Michael and I share a lot in common and we get along really well.

This coming weekend Michael and I will go up to Penrith to a Slot Car Shop - the visit is for Michael to pick up a new Controller for his Drag Racing Slot Cars....I hope to view the new 1/32nd Slot Cars for sale there and I will probably be looking at purchasing another Le mans Porsche 962C.

Tonight I scratch built a CAFE for my Slot Car Layout- I'll bring you some photos of the CAFE in the next posting.


Well- that is my News for Monday Night. Having fun building things and enjoying the Slot Cars.

Stay well my Friends across the Globe. Best Wishes. KEV. 

Saturday, 30 July 2022

A NEW Project- BACCUS 6mm Marlburian.

 Hi...I've my mind set on a New Project using BACCUS 6mm Malburian figures. I intend to do two Imagi-nations  armies which I will name as the Kingdoms of Grolstein and Stanisburg.

I found these photos of the 6mm Baccus figures on the NET- here we have an Infantry Regiment of 24 figures and it's accompanying Artillery.
The 6mm Baccus figures are painted up superbly- which is incredible- amazing detail.
The above photo will give you an idea of the actual size of the 6mm Baccus Regiment which is based on a 60mm wide frontage by 30mm depth. The Flag appears to be printed paper.

With this Project I can have two smallish Armies and play Solo on our back Veranda in the Summer.
I can make paper buildings and obtain Noch or Baccus miniature Pine Trees.
I can do the two opposing Armies with Uniforms of one in Grey and the other in Blue to represent the Kingdoms of Grolstein and Stanisburg.

Well- that is my news for tonight.
I'm very much looking forward to this Imagi-nations gaming project.
Stay well my Friends. Cheers. KEV.

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Slot Car FIGURES in 1/32nd Scale.

 Hi....I've ordered three packets of MRRC Plastic 1/32nd Slot Car Figures- all from Bristol UK.



                                                                      The SPECTATORS.

I really like these MRRC figures - I had all of these figures some ten or more years ago and had a fun time painting them all up- looking forward to doing it all again. 

Well - that is my news for this afternoon.
It has been very cold here - certainly looking forward to Summer. Cheers. KEV.

Monday, 25 July 2022

LANCIA LC2 and My SCULPTING in 1/32nd.

Hi...My favorite 1/32nd slot car has to be the Lancia LC2 from 1984 - I like the Martini colors and the detail of the car made by is just superb.

The #6 Lancia LC2- just a superb model.

The Lancia #6 in action out of the Canon-Esso corner.

Over the past week I've been sculpting 1/32nd scale figures for my slot car track. This morning I purchased a packet of 'Carrera' 1/32nd Figures- upon inspecting the standing figures from the Carrera set I came to the conclusion that my sculpting efforts so far will not, I've re-done my figure drawings and sculpting templates to better suit the Carrera sizes. The figures I have so far sculpted will be scrapped and tomorrow I intend to start again from scratch with sculpting to the new sizes and proportions for 1/32nd.


Well that is my news for this evening - it has been a cold day though no rain- which is good at present.

Stay well my Friends across the Globe. Best Wishes. KEV.