Sunday, 27 March 2022


 Hi....My regular readers will know that I have an interest in Gerry Anderson's STINGRAY 1963 TV Series. Also, that I have had the desire to own a 3ft model of STINGRAY - well I've reached the end of my patience level and it has run out. In the first place I bought a model and the seller cancelled the order, secondly the seller said he'd make other models though had not given me any indication of when - except: "sometime this year"....well, the seller does not answer e-mails which is also very annoying and frustrating. After waiting 41 days- my patience has run out and I can see that I'll never own the 3ft model of STINGRAY.

So- what will I do?

Tonight I've made the decision to Design a Submarine and Scratch Model it in 1:43rd Scale. At present I have some rough ideas for the Submarine - though at this stage I do not know what it will look like overall. Tomorrow (Monday) I hope to get started on some Sculpting of the Captain and Crew in 1:43rd scale - I'll be trying to use the German FIMO putty for the figures - it all should work out OK.

The last time I scratch built a Submarine was many years ago - I built a NAUTILUS in 1/72nd scale to my own design - the model was then subsequently purchased by the Sydney Maritime Museum.

I have high hopes to be able to continue with this Project and save a lot of dollars in the process.

Well that is my News for Sunday Night.

Best Wishes Friends. Regards. KEV.

Tuesday, 22 March 2022


 Hi...I've recently found out who made several of the STINGRAY Puppets way back in 1963. 

Mary Turner made 'Captain Troy Tempest' and 'Marina'. John Brown made Troy's sidekick 'PHONES'.
Christine Glanville made 'Atlanta Shore', 'Titan' and Titan's Agent 'X-2-Zero'.

'Atlanta Shore'.

'Captain Troy Tempest'.


On the STINGRAY Set - Gerry and Sylvia Anderson with the Puppets - 'Troy Tempest' and 'Marina'.

                                                    Well- that is my news for to-day. Stay well Friends. Cheers. KEV.

Friday, 18 March 2022

STINGRAY - The Model.

Hi...I thought to show you some interesting photos regarding the model of STINGRAY.

Reg Hill inspecting the model of STINGRAY that he had designed.
Gerry Anderson looking through some 35mm Film - Sylvia Anderson looking on.

Gerry Anderson in later years holding a 3ft model of STINGRAY.

A 3ft model of STINGRAY which I hope to own sometime during 2022.

I hope to do some more 75mm FEMO sculpted figures tomorrow.
I will start with the devious 'Gadus' and look at other bad guys too.

Well that is my news for today.
Stay safe and well Friends. Regards. KEV.


Thursday, 10 March 2022

STINGRAY - Interesting History.

 STINGRAY the TV Series was filmed in 1963 and premiered in October 1964. All up 39 half-hour episodes were made. STINGRAY was the first TV Series to be filmed in full color.

The submarine model of STINGRAY was Designed by Reg Hill (1914-1999). The model was built at the Feltham based Mastermodels Coy (UK).

The Creators of STINGRAY - Gerry Anderson (1929-2012) and Sylvia Anderson (1927-2016) are shown here at their production desk along with the star of STINGRAY - Captain Troy Tempest.

Reg Hill (1914-1999) - the designer of STINGRAY- a marvelous designer. Reg had previously designed Supercar.
As yet no further news of my 3ft STINGRAY model being built by Terry in the UK. I'm hoping that come the UK Summer- Terry may have completed the STINGRAY model for me. At present I have a possible buyer for my Star Trek Collection - which would provide the necessary funds to buy the 3ft STINGRAY model from Terry.

Well that is my news for today. ( It has stopped raining here after 18 days of it- drying out now).

Until later stay well and happy. Cheers. KEV.

Wednesday, 2 March 2022


 Hi...I'm just about near to the end of watching all of the STINGRAY Episodes on DVD.

A fabulous Artwork of STINGRAY.
I hope to obtained a large version to frame and put the picture up in the Study.

The 5 Disc Set of STINGRAY.
All up there are 39 Episodes to watch - all half hour and very enjoyable.

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson - the Creators of STINGRAY.
Note the Puppets of Captain Troy Tempest and Marina.
I thought the actual Puppets were bigger - just amazing modelling and detail.

Captain Troy Tempest with Atlanta Shore and Marina.

I just love STINGRAY. One of the main reasons for my interest is that basically all that you see in each episode of STINGRAY was hand built by modelers- just excellent Scratch Modelling throughout.

Well- that is my news for tonight.
Stay safe and well across the Globe.
Cheers. KEV.