Tuesday, 31 May 2022


 Hi....Yesterday I turned 66 and to my joy the Scalextric Le Mans set arrived on my Birthday. I spent last night pleasurably setting up the Scalextric track on my 11ft x 4ft Shed Table.

The two Le Mans cars set up on the grid- I spoke with my friend Karl Pohl this evening and it looks as though we will have a Race Day sometime next week which will be a whole lot of fun- definitely looking forward to racing with Karl.
I ran both Le Mans cars tonight and to my surprise the #21 car gave a rather annoying whining noise - so I unscrewed the chassis of the car and applied Castrol Oil to all the motor bearings, spur and pinion gear and wheel bearings and re-ran the car....the problem was solved which I was most happy about. I do like both cars though #21 in white appeals to me the most and it has become a favorite. The printing of the cars is superb and crisp- a very high standard indeed.
This view shows the entire Scalextric Track - I've added to the basic Le Mans set with six Standard Straights. The total track is about half of what I use to have ten years ago - it is a short run this time  though a whole lot of fun.
This morning I extended my standard table with a rectangular shelf and painted it - the shelf is made from 6mm MDF on a 40 x 40 Radiata Pine bearer.
Also this morning I made a holder for the Hand Controllers to store them when not in use. The hand Controllers have power settings for 25%,50%, 75% and 100%....so far I've used the 50% Power Setting and found this to be adequate with the Le Mans cars.
Lastly I made up a small box to house the Transformer....this is good as it gets it all off the ground and is much neater.

Well - that is my News for this evening.
It is very cold and windy - Winter IS here!
Stay well my Friends.
Cheers. KEV.

Thursday, 26 May 2022

SCALEXTRIC - Slot Car Set.

Hi...I've ordered a SCALEXTRIC Slot Car Set - '24hr Le MANS'. I've a Birthday coming up shortly and it seemed like a good idea to shout myself this set as the photos below will show.

The Le MANS Set includes two cars, two controllers, transformer, lap counter, power base and straight and curved track - all ready to go. The Track can be assembled in three different arrangements. I purchased the set at $200 which includes Free Postage....so, for minimal outlay I'll be enjoying the hobby of Slot Car Racing. Not very many hobbies have such a low level of initial outlay to get started.                           

The two Le MANS Cars numbered #17 and #21 are basic models and to me have a real charm- they are similar to the Le Mans Peugot cars....I've since found other versions of these Le Mans Basic Cars in yellow, blue and Gulf livery  - which I can add later on as my bean pile increases.

This morning I purchased some extra Track in the form of 4 Standard Straights from our Local Hobby Shop which will certainly add some extra distance to the basic track.

Many years ago I had built up a Scalextric Track which required an extension to my 4' x 11' Standard Shed Table....this time I may keep things in better control and have a smaller trackage.

I'm very pleased to start this SCALEXTRIC Project and look forward to it immensely- it'l be fun!

I must contact my German Friend 'Karl Pohl' - to ask if he'd be interested in racing with Scalextric.

Well- that is my news for today. Stay well Friends. Cheers. KEV.

Saturday, 21 May 2022


Hi....I've ordered a book on the Australian Murray River paddle steamers. The book covers all of the paddle steamers giving specifications and a photo of each vessel- should be great reading and very interesting. 

I'd previously thought of a project which I named 'Wren Vale'- it was to feature a riverside model of a village ( named Wren Vale) a wharf and a Paddle Steamer. The model was to have 35mm sculpted characters. In short I found the envisaged project rather to big for me at present - so I intend to possibly make something in the near future that will be smaller and less involved.
Well- that is my news for tonight.
Stay well Friends. Cheers. KEV.

Saturday, 14 May 2022


 Hi....I've been thinking about a Camberwick Project for model sculpting and model making.

When it comes to sculpting I have a few options in mind. For Scale I can do figures 27mm, 30mm, 35mm or 40mm Tall....and for style I can do either Whimsical or I could do Actual People. At present I'm undecided - and even to the point where I may not do the Project at all- still undecided.
When Gordon Murray made his Camberwick Figure Puppets he used Table Tennis Balls for heads and a type of foam rubber for the costumes....after twenty years the costumes perished and it is the reason why the bulk of characters never survived - except for one Soldier Cadet Puppet in a very tatty condition.

Well- that is my news for Sunday the 15th May.
Stay well Friends. 
Cheers. KEV.

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

MARY POPPINS - Classic Movie Doll 1964.

Hi ....Tonight I ordered a MARY POPPINS Doll from Lake Worth, Florida USA. The Doll should arrive early in June 2022.

The Mary Poppins Doll is 12 inches tall- there was only the one Doll on offer from e-Bay of this type. There are quite a number of different Mary Poppins Dolls on offer - though this one offers a wonderfully finished Doll at a very reasonable price....I'll be very pleased to own this version of Mary Poppins.

A Story: ....Back in 1964 when I was younger my friend Lory Joyce and his Father (Steve)  were on our way to the Fairfield Drive-In Theater in Mr Joyce's 'Valiant' car...it was getting late and dark as we approached the Drive-In.... only to be turned away as the place was full.
We were all disappointed then at not being able to view the Movie that evening....as it turned out it would be decades before I would see the full Movie of Mary Poppins on DVD in color.
It is a marvelous Movie and I enjoy it at every viewing.

Well- that is my news for tonight.
Until next installment- all the Best to you Folks.
Cheers. KEV.

Thursday, 5 May 2022


Hello...Introducing the very talented Gordon Murray (1921-2016) who was the Creator of Camberwick Green and Trumpton.

Gordon Murray would create the vehicles, puppets and scripts to the studio and Bura and Hardwick would animate them using the Stop Motion techniques . Camberwick Green was produced in 1966.

As yet I have not found out who made the splendid Buildings- was it  Gordon? If so- what a clever, creative and productive man he was indeed.

Well that is my News for this evening.
My take on Camberwick Green as a Project has not started yet.
Until next update- Best Wishes. KEV.