Thursday, 26 May 2022

SCALEXTRIC - Slot Car Set.

Hi...I've ordered a SCALEXTRIC Slot Car Set - '24hr Le MANS'. I've a Birthday coming up shortly and it seemed like a good idea to shout myself this set as the photos below will show.

The Le MANS Set includes two cars, two controllers, transformer, lap counter, power base and straight and curved track - all ready to go. The Track can be assembled in three different arrangements. I purchased the set at $200 which includes Free, for minimal outlay I'll be enjoying the hobby of Slot Car Racing. Not very many hobbies have such a low level of initial outlay to get started.                           

The two Le MANS Cars numbered #17 and #21 are basic models and to me have a real charm- they are similar to the Le Mans Peugot cars....I've since found other versions of these Le Mans Basic Cars in yellow, blue and Gulf livery  - which I can add later on as my bean pile increases.

This morning I purchased some extra Track in the form of 4 Standard Straights from our Local Hobby Shop which will certainly add some extra distance to the basic track.

Many years ago I had built up a Scalextric Track which required an extension to my 4' x 11' Standard Shed Table....this time I may keep things in better control and have a smaller trackage.

I'm very pleased to start this SCALEXTRIC Project and look forward to it immensely- it'l be fun!

I must contact my German Friend 'Karl Pohl' - to ask if he'd be interested in racing with Scalextric.

Well- that is my news for today. Stay well Friends. Cheers. KEV.


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    1. PETER,
      Over the past month I've been thinking about various projects and none seemed to get any further than sketches on a drawing pad- two days ago out of nowhere the slot car bug bit and I reasoned it was a good idea to purchase some commercial items for a change and not rely on scratch modelling,it'l be a whole lot of fun to do SCALEXTRIC. Cheers. KEV.

  2. That looks a great set KEV, let us see when you get it all set up with your bigger track and all.

    1. PAUL,
      Yes- the Le MANS set is excellent value for a 'starter set'- it cannot be beat. The set should arrive here by the 1st June it won't take long for it all to be set up and running. I really don't want to increase the size of my Shed Table and somehow with a bit of planning I can get the Le MANS set to fit the size of the table without any changes. I'm very much looking forward to all of this as it is a real treat for me not to actually make anything from scratch in the initial stages of having some out of the box enjoyable fun. Cheers. KEV.

  3. Wow that is some car. Oh yeah we sure the same birthday. :)

    1. KAREN,
      Happy Birthday there- yes, another year has come around so quickly. Glad you like the Le Mans car. Regards. KEV.