Friday, 1 July 2022


 Hi....My GINETTA-LMP1 Le Mans type racing car arrived today. The Scalextric 1/32nd car is a beaut!

The LMP1 runs very smoothly and has head lights.

I think I will run the TOYOTA-GT1 against the GINETTA-LMP1.

I've ordered a Scalextric Digital Lap Counter.
I placed the order with England as I could not find the product here anywhere.
I had one of these Lap Counters ten years ago and they are really good.

Scalextric have done a super job with this Le Mans styled race car.

Well that is my news for this afternoon.
It is teaming with torrential rain.
Looking forward to our next RACE DAY.
Best Wishes. KEV.


  1. Hi KEV., The Scalextric Le Mans styled race car looks so cool. Nice update here, sure looks like you are having fun. Hope the rain lets up soon. Best regards from Seattle! John

    1. JOHN,
      Glad you like the Le Mans styled race cars- yes, they are very nice looking and run really well. The rain has not stopped- though here we are in no danger of flooding as our home is on a hill. Stay well there in Seattle. Cheers. KEV.

  2. A lovely car KEV, I hope you're not flooded, take care.

    1. PAUL,
      Pleased you like the new Ginetta Le Mans styled race car. We are in no danger of being flooded as we live on a hill- however there are areas in flood to the north and west of us....hoping that the heavy rain stops towards the end of the week - it has been raining here for three days straight. Stay well there in England. Cheers. KEV.

  3. Hi KEV, I love it. Nice photos. It is a good hobby. I hope the rain stops soon. My family in has moved up in the area to an higher place (around Sydney) and is safe. You too?

    1. ARITHA,
      Yes- Slot Cars are a lot of fun and a really good hobby. The rain here has stopped some days ago - we are in no danger of flooding as we are well away from any rivers and we live on a hill. Do you have relatives here in Sydney? Stay well and safe there in the Netherlands Aritha. Regards. KEV.

  4. I didn't realize that you were setting up a race track so I read back a few posts to see what exactly you made. It's quite the track and although I know absolutely nothing about race cars yours all look super nice!! Have fun.

    1. G.M.
      Thank you for calling in - glad you looked at my posts to see where we are at. I'm enjoying the Slot Cars very much. I added some more track today. Having fun. Stay well and safe there in Canada. Best Wishes. KEV.