Friday, 1 July 2022


 Hi....My GINETTA-LMP1 Le Mans type racing car arrived today. The Scalextric 1/32nd car is a beaut!

The LMP1 runs very smoothly and has head lights.

I think I will run the TOYOTA-GT1 against the GINETTA-LMP1.

I've ordered a Scalextric Digital Lap Counter.
I placed the order with England as I could not find the product here anywhere.
I had one of these Lap Counters ten years ago and they are really good.

Scalextric have done a super job with this Le Mans styled race car.

Well that is my news for this afternoon.
It is teaming with torrential rain.
Looking forward to our next RACE DAY.
Best Wishes. KEV.

Tuesday, 28 June 2022


 Hi...Yesterday and today I've spent some pleasurable time extending my Slot Car SCALEXTRIC Track and getting it all to the finished stage tonight.

The NEW Baseboard completed and fixed in place.
I used mostly 28mm Posi-Drive Woodscrews.
The Baseboard is 13mm Plywood with 19 x 42mm Maple Bracing and Cleats.
Chris helped to get the Baseboard into it's final position.

The Baseboard ready for painting.

The Baseboard painted to match the original bench work.

Shown is the initial Scalextric Track which Karl and I have had two Race Days.

The NEW Scalextric Track all completed.

Shown is the NEW Scalextric Track section.
The total cost for the Track was $205...with three track sections left over.

The PIRELLI - ESSO Corner.
The Safety Barriers were made of 6mm MDF Custom Wood and Mat Board.

The CANON- ESSO Corner.
Corporate Logo signs were printed on my Canon Printer.

Ground View of the NEW Track Section.

A view down the Long Straight- closest to the Power Base.

I made a little slotted display plinth for the Workbench.
The LANCIA is probably my most favorite Le Mans type race car.

Finally the LANCIA takes to the track to test out the NEW Section - I think Karl will be presently surprised how good the NEW Section is to race over- I'm very pleased with the NEW Section.
                                                       Well- that is my news for tonight.
                                           In the next few days I may start some figure sculpting.
                                                                   Best Wishes. KEV.

Friday, 24 June 2022

2nd SLOT CAR RACE DAY - with Karl.

 Hi...We've had another great day racing the 1/32nd Slot Cars- Karl and I have had lots of fun!

In Lane #1 is shown the new RevoSlot -Toyota GT1

All my Slot Cars in readiness for Race Day #2.

The Toyota GT1 and Mosler MT 900R.

The SCALEXTRIC Track prior to Race Day.

The generic Le Mans race cars on the Grid ready for the 1st Race of the Day.

Lunch Time! Hot Sausage Rolls, Potato Chips - Tomato Sauce and Salt ( And Coffee).
Chris looks after Karl and I very well.

Chris and Karl chatting - Karl took a liking to racing the SAUBER C9 Mercedes.

We found that the Toyota GT1 wasn't fitted with a Magnet - on the track the car constantly was loosing it's tail and spinning out- something had to be done!

Tonight I drilled the aluminium chassis just in front of the Toyota's Motor- then with a Jewelers Saw and File opened up the chassis to take the unfitted magnet which was loose in the supplied box.

I fitted the silver colored magnet so that it was just proud of the chassis and fixed it in place with a sheet of thick plastic and super glue.

The Toyota now sticks to the track like glue - the fitted magnet has that much grip I needed to adjust the hand throttle to 100% power rating - the Toyota runs like a charm and is now ready for our next race day in a couple of weeks time.

Yesterday I disassembled two of the Cupboards in the shed to make space for an Extension of the Scalextric Track - I'm thinking the extra track will allow a longer lap time and thus be more enjoyable for Karl and I in the future. I will have to save for the extra Scalextric Track.

Well that is my news for this evening - it has been a fun day.
Best Wishes. KEV.

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

MORE SLOTS - Toyota and Mosler.

Hi....Today I've ordered two more slot cars...a TOYOTA GT1 from 1998-99 and a MOSLER MT 900R from 2001 vintage.

The TOYOTA GT1 #40.

The TOYOTA GT1 #40 is by REVOSLOT.
For it's vintage the Toyota GT1 has a very modern appearance.

The MOSLER MT 900R #36.

The Mosler has a very appealing look about it.
On U-Tube I've watched a clip or two of full-on laps from the Driver's View.
Certainly an exciting race car.

Well that is my news for tonight.
Had a big clean up and reorganization of the shed to-day.
All going well I intend to lengthen my SCALEXTRIC Slot Car Track.

Until Later. Best Wishes. KEV.


Monday, 20 June 2022

NEW ARRIVALS - Porsche and Sauber.

 Hi...This morning I unwrapped my two new race cars - a SAUBER C9 MERCEDES from 1987 and a PORSCHE 962C from 1988.

The Sauber C9 Mercedes #61 and Porsche 962C number 18.

Ground shot of the Sauber C9 and Porsche 962C.

Shot of the right hand side of the Shell-Dunlop Porsche 962C.

Driver's side of the Sauber C9 #61.

My SCALEXTRIC Track- it is as large as I can make it.

The Sauber C9 powers into the Le Mans curve.

Front view of the Sauber C9 #61.

On the Bench under a stronger light - the detail of the cars can really be inspected.
With the Porsche 962C and the Sauber C9 - this completes my collection of 1980s Le Mans type cars.

Well that is my news for today.
Stay well my Friends across the Globe.
Cheers. KEV.

Friday, 17 June 2022


Hi....On Wednesday I ordered two Le Mans type cars- A Sauber and a Porsche.

                               The PORSCHE 962C is from 1988 and in the Shell- Dunlop colors.

                                                      The SAUBER C9- Mercedes is from 1987.

 The two cars arrived this morning and I am yet to unpack them from their boxes - I'm savoring the moment. With the two cars it completes my 1980s collection which includes a LANCIA, TOYOTA, SAUBER-Mercedes and PORSCHE. With future cars I may decide to collect later models of Le Mans type cars.

Well- that is my news for Friday night- stay well my Friends - Cheers. KEV.

Friday, 10 June 2022


 Hi...Today Karl and I had our 1st RACE DAY. We began around 11:00am and finished up after 3:00pm.

At the end of the days racing I awarded Karl with the 'Perpetual Trophy' for his win in the 1st Race with the #17 Red Le Mans racing car....we'll battle over the Trophy in future slot car races.

Karl - all wrapped up for Winter prior to the 1st race with the Le Mans cars #17 and #21.

Karl - reading the SLOT Magazine (Issue 50) which I wanted to show him. In the background is my Partner CHRIS. For Lunch Chris made us toasted cheese, tomato and onion sandwiches and I made the coffee...we were certainly looked after by Chris.

Before Karl arrived here at 11:00am, my order from the 'Armchair Racer' arrived earlier at 10:00am containing the two is that for service - I only ordered the cars yesterday.

The new cars- the Toyota #35 and the Lancia #6 parked in front of the Pit Area.

We had several races and I won the last race with my LANCIA #6 by 50Laps to Karl's 48 - Karl had had a couple of spin outs with the Toyota #35 car. These Le Mans styled cars from the mid 1980s have to be seen to be believed - the printing on them is just superb- perfect! The cars run excellently.

Chris took a photo of Karl and I prior to the last race with the LANCIA and TOYOTA nearing the starting grid positions.

All up it was a great day - we probably chatted a lot more than we raced- though all great company all the same. Most happy about our 1st Race Day for sure- everything went very well indeed.

Well- that is my news for Friday night.
Stay well my Friends across the Globe.
Cheers. KEV.