Tuesday, 21 May 2019

HORNBY Catalogue on Order.

Hi....To-night I have ordered an old 1978 HORNBY Catalog from Queensland- Australia.

 I particularly like the 1978 HORNBY Catalog as it has a rendered drawing of a '3F Jinty' O-6-OT on the cover. I've been looking at older catalogs going back into the Tri-ang Hornby years- though the prices being asked on UK e-Bay are fairly steep. I was lucky to obtain the 1978 HORNBY Catalogue for $10 plus $3 Postage (AUS) - and that is about all I can afford at the moment.

Way back in the 1960s Mr Barnes at his Hobby- Cycle Shop here in Campbelltown- was indeed very kind to me and gave me some Tri-ang Hornby Catalogues over those years...I really cherished these and would study them for what seemed like hours and days- always dreaming that I could own something from the Catalogues- like a '3F Jinty' Tank....as years rolled on my older Brother swiped my catalogs and sold them to fund his gambling. This was a despicable act- which I find hard to forgive...now many decades since have past -I now seem to be collecting what I missed out on in my youth and am enjoying it greatly now in retirement and old age.

My Tri-ang Hornby 'M7' Locomotive O-4-4T is on it's way from the UK and I'm very much looking forward to receiving the model soon. I hope to turn the 'M7' into a New South Wales engine -along fictional lines calling it a '23 CLASS'. This will be a fun conversion to do and I'm looking forward to this greatly.

Well- that is my news for to-night.
Stay well Friends.
Cheers. KEV.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

THINKING BACK IN TIME at Model Railways.

Hi....Last night I ordered a magazine from the UK. I've gone ahead and ordered the May 1972 issue of RAILWAY MODELLER.
The May 1972 issue of RAILWAY MODELLER was my first model railway magazine that I'd bought- I probably didn't have the magazine until July-August as all the overseas produced magazines that were for sale here at our local 'Bagleys' News Agents were at least 2 to 3 months out of date.

I just love the cover photo of the May issue- a lone Tank Engine running bunker first pulling an older style coach across a wooden bridge about to enter a tunnel....the photo has everything...I just really like the whole model and back in 1972 I thought it would be great to build such a model and own a similar Tank Engine and Coach to run.

In 1972 I was working for a large industry here at Campbelltown- 'CROMPTON PARKINSONS' ...I was machining Cast Iron -'End Shields' for small H.P. Electric Motors....using Double Ended Boarers, Milling Machine, Capstan Lathe and a Multi-Chuck 'Griddley'.

Well, that is my news for this evening.
Stay well Friends.
Cheers. KEV.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

My MODEL RAILWAY in OO Scale- Considerations.

Hi....I've been rather inactive these past few days- I will need to be more productive with my modelling.
Some Considerations to keep on continuing with the Project:
* I've bought all my Locomotives and Rolling Stock - Hornby & Tri-ang.
* I have all the OO Figures needed - from Langley (UK).
* The Langley Figures have presence and character.
* OO is a good scale to work with being 4mm / ft.
* I've finalized my Track Plan and listed the Track required.
* The Corrugated Cardboard I use is ideal for OO scale Buildings.

                                 My 18 Class O-6-OT NSWR Tank Locomotive with it's Train.

Well that is my news for Mothers Day 2019.
I will need to be very busy from now on as time is getting away.

Stay Well my Friends.
Cheers. KEV.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Hi....Over the past few days I've been thinking about a Fictional Name for my OO Railway Layout.
To-day I've settled on:
Hence the name of the main Township  will be 'ALBION' and the Shale-Oil Works at ALBION will be known by the following Title: 'HANCOCK OIL CORPORATION'.  I've chosen 'Hancock' in honor of P.D.Hancock for his splendid OO9 'Craig & Mertonford Light Railway' (UK) which I've greatly admired since 1975.

My Hornby '18 Class' NSWR O-6-OT. #1803.

At this stage I'm thinking of eliminating the 'Tunnel' on the left - to gain better access to cleaning the track on that part of the layout.

I've been looking at obtaining a Tri-ang Hornby M7 Locomotive with the view to changing it to look like a New South Wales type- I purchased the M7 Locomotive from the UK as pictured above- it is 2nd hand and has a rather large crack in the front footplate which is just detectable in the photo- because of this fault the engine is less than half price at $74.40 AUS - and as I will be re-painting the model in NSWR colors it suits my needs very well.
Also, to-night I've ordered a Hornby NE -Brake Van from the UK.

Thought that you may be interested in this photo- it shows part of the 'Emirates Resort' in the Wolgan Valley (NSW)...superb accommodation- far different than my tent we used back in 1980.

Well that is my News for to-day.
Stay well Folks.
Cheers. KEV.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019


Hi....To-day I've purchased another book on the subject of the Wolgan Valley Railway to add to my growing collection.

 'SHAYS IN THE VALLEY' - A History of the Wolgan Valley Railway- is being sent to me from Port McQuarrie (NSW). I do not know anything about the exact contents of this book - though I'm sure it will be very worthwhile. The book cost me $114 and this was indeed the cheapest copy I could find.

'SHALE & SHAYS' by Mark LANGDON. I received this book yesterday and have managed to read half of it so far- it is an excellent read and the photos alone make this a very worthwhile reference.

'The SHALE RAILWAYS of N.S.W.' I've owned this book for a few weeks now and it is an excellent read- the book does cover other Shale Railways - though the bulk of the book is devoted to The Wolgan Valley Railway. I've known about this book since 1980 as my Boss- Earl Morris- had loan't me a copy prior to our three day camping journey into the Wolgan Valley to stay at Newnes exploring the site of the ruined 'Works'.

I think I have just about exhausted the need for texts on the Wolgan Valley Railway - I do not know of other books being available apart from the three books I've so far acquired.

PROGRESS on my 'OO' Newnes style Model railway:

This afternoon I purchased a 1kg packet of  'Plaster of Paris' from our local Bunnings - in readiness to attempt the stone work for my model railway. The rock work is a long way away yet as I've not yet purchased the PECO Track. Should be able to buy the Track soon as I've settled on my final Track Plan.

Over the next week or so I intend to settle down to some model making from scratch- of such items as the Station Building, Goods Shed and Engine Shed etc. This will be enjoyable fun and I feel confident about it as I've a good idea about what I'd like to make- and I've plenty of materials and paints to do the complete modelling.

Well- that is about it for to-night.
Seeing the Dental Technician tomorrow.
Stay Well Folks.
Cheers. KEV.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

My MODEL RAILWAY in 'OO' - Some Considerations.


 I decided to add up the cost of my Converted 18 CLASS O-6-OT #1803.

$98.00 - 3F 'Jinty' O-6-OT HORNBY Tank Engine 'OO' Scale (2nd Hand).
$3.95   - Tamiya Matt Black acrylic model paint.
$3.95   - Tamiya Flat Red acrylic model paint.
$13.95 - Ruling Pen (for 'Lining').
$6.50   - NSWR Number Decals - Yellow.
$16.00 - Satin Lacquer Spray -by White Knight.
$1.50   - 1mm Thickness Syrene Sheet.
$6.00   - Revell 'Contacta' Model Glue.
$2.00   - Masking Tape.
$15.50 - Postage ( of Engine and Decals).

All up the 18 CLASS NSWR has cost $167.35.

Admittedly there is enough materials to build other engines several times over - however, just to do the one engine from a walk up start - it costs $167.35.
The cost does not bother me as I consider that I could have purchased a HO scale model engine of similar design- ready finished - for $600....my 18 CLASS is off-course much less than this - and it is exactly what I wanted and need for my model railway.

SHALE & SHAYS - by Mark Langdon.

Today I received my copy of this fabulous book by Mark Langdon. I havn't had a chance to read all the text - though I've looked at all the huge amount of black and white photos and am well pleased as there is a huge amount of photos that I havn't seen before. The clarity of the old photos is just superb in focus and detail. The book deals with the development of the Newnes Shale Oil Industry, the Wolgan Valley Railway, Shays and Rolling Stock in detail - and a huge amount is written and illustrated on the Township of Newnes. I'm going to enjoy reading this book very much  over the next week or so and I'm well pleased to have purchased the book at $92.00  ( Well worth the price).


Just reading through the week and it dawned on me that Jim Heidiger of the US took three years to build his 'OHIO SOUTHERN' Diesel Layout in HO scale - the Layout appeared in Model Railroader magazine in 1978 and was Jim's third layout.

Also, P.D.Hancock of the UK took almost eight years before he wrote an article for RAILWAY MODELLER for the March 1975 edition...the layout in OO9 Scale was his third attempt at modelling the 'CRAIG & MERTONFORD'.

So, it does take time to build a model Layout - both Jim Heidiger and Phillip Hancock were working full time ( Jim was a Senior Editor of  'Model Railroader' and Phillip was a Librarian in Scotland ) -
 I think I can build my small Layout in less time as I'm  Retired now..well, one would hope so!

Well- that is about it for this afternoon.
I'm to see a Dental Technician this Thursday and Doctor (GP)  the following week about X-Rays which were taken to-day...a good deal of right hand leg pain at the moment which is getting me down.

Until Next Installment.
Stay Well Folks.
Cheers. KEV.

Friday, 26 April 2019


Hi....I've had a good afternoon yesterday making my first building for my 'NEWNES' type Railway.

 The Building is meant to be 'The Managers Office' for the Works at Newnes. For materials I made use of  Matt Board, Christmas Card, Corrugated Cardboard, Cocktail Sticks and Radiata Pine.

 For Windows I drew up each on the Computer and printed them with my Canon Ink Jet.

I'm well pleased with the small Office- the brown walls are a little dark- however, otherwise pleased.

Well- that is it for Saturday afternoon.
Stay well Folks.
Cheers. KEV.