Tuesday 20 February 2024

OO- The 4 HORNBY Open Wagons.

Hi...I've since painted up the four HORNBY Open Wagons using grey primer for the body work and painting the hinges and corner plates with black TAMIYA paint. I'm well pleased with the re-paint of the wagons it is now a great improvement on their original paint job.

The LBSC Tank Engine heads up the train of wagons.

Close up of the finished painted wagons.

Presently waiting on the M7 Southern tank engine.

Best Wishes. KEV.


Sunday 18 February 2024

OO- New Steam Engine model on Order.

Hi....I've ordered to-day an M7 O-4-4T HORNBY Steam Engine from Melbourne- Australia.

The SOUTHERN #245 M7 Engine.

I'm really pleased about the M7 - one of my all time favorite UK Engines.
I'll be well pleased to have the M7 for my TILBERRY Model Railway.

Best Wishes. KEV.


Saturday 17 February 2024

OO - ROLLING STOCK Purchases on the way.

 Hi...In my quest to obtain Rolling Stock fitted with the older original HORNBY Couplers I've ordered the following items - I needed to do this to match the Couplers on my HORNBY LBSC Tank Engine and the OO Guards Van for compatibility.

Three HORNBY Caladonian 4 Wheel Coaches.
These should do me for Passenger Stock.

Two HORNBY Covered Vans.
The Vans need a bit of work- mainly to freshen the roofs.

Four HORNBY Open Wagons.
I plan on re-spraying the body work with Grey Paint - then paint the Hinges and Corner Plates Black.
I may try to find some Number Decals later on to complete the Wagons.

I've also ordered some more LANGLEY Sheep from the UK.

Well- that is my news for to-day.
All The Best Wishes. KEV.

Friday 16 February 2024

OO- Running in The TANK ENGINE.

Hi...My first running of the LBSC O-6-OT Tank Engine proved to be disappointing- the engine was a balky runner- wouldn't operate at slow speed- noisy and stalled often. So, after a good oiling with Castrol Oil on the thirteen points on the engine and followed by three forty minute run-in sessions completed - the Tank Engine is now a smooth runner, can operate at very slow speeds in both directions and is much quieter....I'm now very pleased with the HORNBY Tank Engine.

The LBSC O-6-OT Tank Engine.
I painted over the yellow footplate pin stripe with Tamiya Black paint.
To my eye the model now looks much better and improved.

To lessen the noise of the Tank Engine I set out a green cloth cover for my Layout.
The noise coming from the track when the engine is running is now much less.

I've added another Sheep Paddock- I hope to order more OO Sheep from LANGLEY in the UK.

Well- that is my update for Saturday morning. Hope you enjoy reading about my TILBERRY Layout.
Cheers. KEV.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

OO- My LBSC Tank Engine Arrives.

 Hi...Well after waiting nineteen days plus my LBSC O-6-OT Hornby Steam Engine has arrived. 

The Tank engine looks really good- I like it a lot- I think it is an 'E2 Class'.
The model is not the smoothest of runners- I've oiled it and soon I'll have a a run-in session.
I've added my LANGLEY Engine Crew and they look good and complete the engine.

PROBLEMS- My Tank Engine and Guards Van both have the older original style HORNBY Couplings- the newer rolling stock has a completely different coupling which when I run a train the couplings cause massive derailments. So, I'll have to invest in older HORNBY wagons and vans which have the older style couplings fitted to the rolling stock.

Well- I'm well pleased with how things are going for my TILBERRY Model Railway.
Best Wishes. KEV.

Tuesday 13 February 2024

OO- Postage Gripe- It is all driving me NUTS!

 Hi...I've been waiting 18 days on Postage and my Hornby LBSC O-6-OT Staem Engine has not arrived from the UK. The best on postage I've experienced so far is 10 days from the UK so it is doable- the worst is 46 days postage- needless to say by 46 days I'd lost total interest in the project. I do not know what the problem is - it is all very unpredictable and certainly unreliable and certainly very unacceptable. Waiting endlessly makes me feel physically ill.

In more positive news on the OO Model Railway - I've purchased another HORNBY Resin Building - this time it was 'The Village Tea Rooms' - a very nice little model. Tomorrow I hope to add the HORNBY 'Grocery Shop' - purchased from our Local Hobby Shop. Also, from Victoria I hope to order three four wheeled HORNBY Coaches - these will be very good and just about complete my need for HORNBY Rolling Stock for the Layout.

Best Wishes. KEV.

Saturday 10 February 2024

OO- The SHEEP Paddock.

 Hi...With my four LANGLEY Sheep I've made a Paddock. The Hedges are made from cardboard and scouring pads. I plan to obtain more Sheep.

Farmer Brown inspects his Sheep.

The Sheep Paddock at the northern end of TILBERRY.

Best Wishes. KEV.