Sunday, 20 January 2019

STAR DECO - The FIGHTERS Battle it out in deep space.

Hi....Another cool day- just right for a Solo Game. Set up my Federal Space Corporation (F.S.C.) 'AA Raptor' Fighters against the ARCON 'XD-Fighters'.

Prior to the Action I decided to introduce two 'House Rules' into play:

1. When a single Fighter Model is 'Hit' the Pilot can roll a D6 to score a '6' and evade the 'Hit'...this represents some Piloting evasive action taken and gives a chance to survive to the next round of fire.
( I did employ this rule to both sides- though it wasn't effective during the battle).

2.  When a Unit of Fighter's  bases come into contact with Enemy Fighter bases - then the Action is deemed a 'Dog Fight' and a contacted opponent cannot move away and disengage. This mechanism  allows a side with the 'Initiative' to close in on and 'lock' their opponent Squadron into a position which they cannot decide to extricate themselves.

At the beginning I decided to set out the Fighters in Squadrons of 6 Craft - to mainly allow for some more flexible movement and out-flanking type tactics.
Close up of the ARCON 'XD-Fighters'.

Picture from the First Round of the Action.


 From the outset the ARCON were winning the 'Initiative' and had the advantage- though without little capitalization on their situation. The ARCON were soundly defeated by the F.S.C. 'AA-Raptors'.

Early firing at both Medium and Close Range saw the 'XD-Fighters' taking a lot of hits- they lost 7 Craft and Pilots in the  first round....the Range came down to close with the middle ARCON  Unit locking in their 'Raptor' opponents in a 'Dog Fight'....all to no avail.

By the end of the second round the ARCON had lost 14 'XD-Fighters' and were forced to retire away from combat with their 4 surviving Fighters.

All-up it was a resounding victory to the 'Raptors' which had only suffered the loss  of three craft.

Close up of the 'AA-Raptors' of the F.S.C.


At the conclusion of the Battle - I felt somewhat elated at the WIN to the F.S.C. Raptors.
It was a sweet victory and made up for yesterdays F.S.C. defeat against the ARCONs when the F.S.C. 'SUVIACO'-2056 Cruiser had to make a run for it after being severely mauled by the ARCON Cruiser 'THUNDERCLAW'....I guess this is the advantage of 'Solo' Gaming where you can set-up a bit of a 'revenge- grudge' type game and get on with it.

There was nothing special about the Raptor Squadron's movement or tactics - the whole Win was solely to do with better 'luck' in dice rolling during the action.

Well- that is it for to-day.
Happy Modeling and Gaming.
Cheers. KEV.

Saturday, 19 January 2019


Hi....It was a bit cooler this morning in my Workshop so I decided to have a few Space Ship Battles with my 1/400th STAR DECO Collection of Cruisers and Fighters.


The F.S.C. SUVIACO -2056 is set upon by ten Alien ARCON 'XD'-Fighters.
The 'Battle' only lasted two rounds with the XD Fighters being completely destroyed outright.
The SUVIACO only received some minor Hull Damage.


The F.S.C. SUVIACO -2056 Cruiser is set upon by a swarm of ARCON 'XD-FIghters'.
The 'Battle' lasted three rounds with the SUVIACO fighting off the attack- after both sides had closed range to close quarters the ARCON Fighters had lost over two thirds of it's original number predicting a 'morale' result of compulsory 'Retiring' - which the remnant 'XD- Fighters' did with just  six out of the original 18 Craft.
The SUVIACO received some minor hull damage.


The F.S.C. Cruiser SUVIACO-2056  is confronted by the ARCON 'THUNDERCLAW' Cruiser.
This 'Battle' was very long-  lasting four moves.

The THUNDERCLAW and SUVIACO closed range from medium to close quarters - in the process the SUVIACO suffered most of the damage with the THUNDERCLAW rolling very high dice scores....the net result of the battle was that the SUVIACO had suffered over two-thirds Hull Damage and had also received an accumulative  'Critical Hit' - loosing it's Main Armament  'Broadside' Turret.

The SUVIACO's Captain Pritchard decided correctly to discontinue the battle and turned away towards home base- for urgent the act of dis-engaging from the ARCON Cruiser the THUNDERCLAW had a 'free' barrage - a very strong one too - luckily for the SUVIACO what would of been another 'Critical Hit' was deemed 'A Lucky Escape' - without major damage.


Very pleased with my Rules for 'STAR DECO'- Space Ship Battles.

From the three Scenarios played today- I can see that the FIGHTERS would come into their own during a Fleet engagement where ships such as the Cruisers are all too busy with each other - and just maybe the Fighters could run free-range and cause significant damage against the larger vessels.

I intend to play a few more Scenarios - I'd particularly like to do a Fighter-Only engagement and see how the F.S.C. 'AA-Raptors' go up against the ARCON 'XD-Fighters'.  Also I'd like to do an 'All-IN' Scenario mixing the Cruisers and Fighters ....that would be interesting.

Until Later:
Happy Modelling and Gaming.
Cheers. KEV.

Thursday, 17 January 2019


Hi....A couple of days ago I began model making for my 'STAR DECO' Sci-Fi Project ...needing to build models that would be suitable for my intended small scale Space Ship Battles.
Above is shown my NEW F.S.C. Cruiser 'SUVIACO' -2056.
My new craft are all done to my chosen new Scale of 1/400th.

I wanted to make some 'Alien' Fighter Craft for my ARCONs.

I was thinking about something along the lines of a STAR WARS type - the 'Ti- Fighter'.
I used Pony Beads, Thumb Tacks, Piano Wire and Poker produce what I have named the ARCON's  'XD -Fighter'.

The ARCON 'XD'-Fighter painted Mat Black.

After my experiment with the ARCON Fighter I then proceeded to build a Federal Space Corporation (F.S.C.) Cruiser in 1/400th Scale.
I made use of Radiata Pine, MDF-Custom Wood,  Styrene Rod and Tube, Coat Hanger Wire and a Thumb Tack 

The F.S.C. SUVIACO -2056 all painted up with Tamiya Grey.

After building the 'SUVIACO' Cruiser -I then turned towards mass-production of the ARCON 'XD' -Fighters.

I used Pony Beads, Thumb Tacks, Piano Wire and Poker Chips.
The Glue used was Parfix 'Super Glue'.

The 'XD' -Fighters prior to Painting.

The newly painted ARCON 'XD'-Fighters.
I built eighteen of the Fighters.

For the F.S.C. Fighters I decided to use 'Push Pins' to build what I call the 'AA- Raptor Fighters'.

Production underway of the 'AA-Raptor Fighters'.

The eighteen 'AA-Raptor Fighters' - prior to Painting.

The Federal 'AA-Raptor Fighters' after painting.
To glue the Push Pins I relied on REVEL 'Contacta' Styrene Glue.

After making the F.S.C. 'SUVIACO- 2056' ...I then went onto build it's Shuttle to a scale of 1/400th.
I also built the ARCON Shuttle as well....very pleased with these little models.

Yesterday I decided to build a Cruiser for the Alien ARCON.
I used the same assortment of materials as I used for the Federal Cruiser.

The ARCON Cruiser 'THUNDERCLAW'...along with it's Shuttle in 1/400th Scale.

An odd thing with the Mat Black - yesterday evening when this photo was taken the dry Paint looked very 'shinny'...this afternoon the Paint has completely dried out to a 'Mat Finish'- most pleased.

The 'SUVIACO- 2056' Cruiser with it's Shuttle- the 'A1'.


Well -I have had a great time building my models - some features of the models worked out better when modeled than my original pencil designs showed.

With the completion of the Cruisers, Fighters and Shuttle  for the F.S.C. and ARCONs -I've now written up and printed my Space Ship Battle Rules.

Very keen to have a Battle- my Gaming Friend will not be available until Mid-March - so I will play Solo to satisfy my need to try everything out.

Well- that is about my News for to-day.
Happy Gaming and Modeling.
Cheers. KEV.

Friday, 11 January 2019


Hi...Yesterday I was visiting a local Pop Culture shop named 'ZING' at McCarthur Square noticed a nice looking action figure named 'Valerian'- I also noted that there was a Boxed Game 'Valerian' available. I knew nothing about 'Valerian' and went home to look it all up on the Internet- I found out there was a movie produced in 2017 named 'VALERIAN and the City of a Thousand Planets'- also, the movie was based on a French Comic Series dating back to the early 1970s. In the afternoon I returned to the shop and purchased the 'Valerian' 7inch Action Figure (Major Valerian') and the Boxed Game - 'Valerian'...and from the 'Sanity' shop I purchased the DVD 'Valerian'....later I also traveled to Liverpool to ZING's other shop at Westfields to purchase the female hero Valerian Action Figure - 'Laureline'.
Some Cover Art for VALERIAN.

The Ryan Miller boxed game - 'VALERIAN The Alpha Missions'.

Our VALERIAN Character Heroes- Major Valerian and Laureline.


The 7inch Action Figure - 'Major VALERIAN'.

The 7inch Action Figure - 'LAURELINE'.


I just love well made miniature figures and the 7inch Action figures are superb in every way- absolutely the best figures I've ever owned.

The DVD Movie was excellent and enjoyed it greatly - the special effects- computer graphics are just out of this world. I will not say anything about the plot or story line - I do not want to spoil it for you if you havn't seen the movie yet.

I set up the Boxed game this afternoon and had a go at it - several times playing Solo- this really does not work as the game is meant to be multi-player and each player is meant to help out their fellow players.

On cost....I've had a huge windfall with everything....the 7inch Action Figures were originally priced at $50 each- then reduced to $38....I bought them for $27 each.
The Boxed Game was originally priced at $78 and I was surprised to be only charged $19.50 for the I've managed to save about $76 on the purchases.
The DVD was $15 from 'Sanity' at McCarthur.

If I've learnt anything over these two days is that when it comes to my own Sci-Fi Concepts for
Games with Designs - I will need to lift my game a whole lot and be a whole lot better at it- my thoughts are very dated and I need to upgrade.

Well that is it for to-night.
I've enjoyed exploring VALERIAN a great deal.
Happy Modelling and gaming.
Cheers. KEV.