Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Hello....Thought to show you most of the items that I've collected over the years which are special to me.
 Shown above are the items which I am very fond - you can obtain an idea of size of the pieces.

The little Sailor is 6" tall and I obtained him from England many years ago.
The Sailor is in excellent condition and I also have the Box too which is also excellent.
I've since had a look at UK e-Bay at similar dolls and they are basically in very poor condition- so, I'm pleased that I own a 'Mint' Rogart Sailor.

I  obtained this little wooden Lighthouse from a fishing village in the UK- the Village of 'Polperro' on the coast of Cornwall. We visited Polperro in April- May 2015 and found the village to be adorable.
If your ever near the Cornish Coast - Polperro and Portscatho are well recommended.

I obtained this lovely decorated chest locally at McCarthur Square about four years ago.
The chest looks as though the lid is tied down with the net - though it opens instead.

The Dutch Boy and Girl belong to my Partner (Chris) - and are form Chris' visit to Amsterdam in 1975.  We visited Amsterdam in June of 2015 and I was tempted to buy another set of Dolls similar to Chris' - I wished I had. The little dolls are 6" tall. I've been looking at 8" tall Dutch Dolls from overseas and although similar are indeed different.

About fifteen years ago we were visiting the small coastal village of 'Milton' down the South Coast- at one of the 'Loft' shops there was this Little Angel figure - with two broken wings - I bought the ornament and when home repaired the figure with Araldite....I think this Little Angel brings me luck.

The Statue is  from the Fishing Township of 'Ulladulla' on the South Coast.
I obtained the Mermaid -probably sixteen years ago with the intention of painting it copper or bronze - though never got around to it. The Mermaid is very well sculptured and quite heavy.

I bought the Ceramic Fish from the small Quarry-men's Cottages at 'Kiama' many years ago now. The ornament is a constant reminder of Kiama and similar towns and villages along the South Coast of NSW.

The concept model is about 1/6th the size of my main larger model to be built.
The Airship is a little special as I cut the pine wood for it at our local 'Mens Shed'.
Also, the wood I used was donated by my friend Greg Jacques from his Air-Freight Crate Factory- which he has since sold.

These are special. The Dolls are Swedish and are 110mm Tall -being 1:16th Scale.
I do have other Lundby Dolls to convert for my Dolls' House Airship.

This little Sationary Steam Engine is a very special toy.
It is fifty one years old and in excellent condition.
I obtained the engine from Gainsville Florida USA. Having been manufactured in England- you can say this little Mamod has been around the World.

The Disney 1/6th Doll is my latest purchase.
Certainly a delightful Doll- beautiful in fact - very special as I admire the 1964 Mary Poppins movie -staring Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke.


S.S. Cormorant and my 1:16th Airial Sailors.

Close up detail of my Collection.

The 1/6th Doll was purchased from Victoria- though originally it had been brought over to Australia from New York (USA).

Detail of the 'Sleeping Eyes' Amsterdam Dolls.

Detail photo of the S.S. CORMORANT Steam Airship of 1868.

I've printed a few Posters from favorite Movies to decorate my Study.

I found this photo on the Net which does show the actual colors -better than what I've taken.

I have also included this photo as I am reluctant to take the figure out of the box.
Perhaps one day I will retreive Mary Poppins from the Display Box.

Well- that is about it.
Hope you enjoyed and like my small Collection of my special things.
Until next time.
Cheers. KEV.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

PROGRESS on my 1:16th Dolls' House.

Greetings....Yesterday and today I had a bit of a think about my S.S.CORMORANT Airship Project as my Fictional 'Dolls House'. Tonight I feel fully committed to continue with the Project.

 When I first converted my 1:16th Lundby Dolls to Sailors -I was very pleased indeed. I'm fully intent on building them an Airship and I am also looking forward to completing the remainder of the Crew and their Guests with the other Lundby Dolls I've purchased.

I thought that this picture of the Clouds would get me going on my Project as it reminds me of how fabulous it is to fly way up in the air....I viewed a huge amount of different Clouds and unreal formations of Clouds on our flight to and from Europe and the UK back in May-June of 2015...just fabulous scenes when aloft.

Hoping to bring you further news of real progress being made on the S.S.Cormorant in the near future.

Until later.
Cheers. KEV.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Steaming My MAMOD -MM2.

Hi....I spent yesterday afternoon running my MAMOD-MM2 Stationary Steam Engine. I ran the MAMOD three times - each steaming was between 18 and 20 minutes duration.

Prior to running the engine I used 'Steam Oil' to lubricate the Piston and Cylinder, The Connection Rod End and Shaft, the Crankshaft Bearings and the Steam Inlet/Exhaust Surfaces.

The Safety Valve and Boiler End Plug were removed and then I filled the Boiler with Warm Water through the Safety Valve opening until just a few drops came out of the Boiler End Plug hole- indicating about 150ml of water being used- about 3/4 full- filling the Boiler. The Safety Valve and End Boiler Plug were then screwed 'finger tight' back into position.  I did also replace the Fibre Washer for the Safety Valve with a new Washer - to provide a good seal.

 The Burner was topped up with Metho Spirits and carefully lighted with a wooden match- then the Burner was placed into the holder on the Base Plate......not long after- probably a minute or so you could here the sound of the water boiling. The Flywheel was given a turn and the Engine sprang into life- slow to start though reaching quite fast revolutions. I had placed the MAMOD onto a Rubber Mat which prevented the MAMOD moving about due to vibration- the Rubber Mat worked well and the Engine did not move.

 I found that towards the end of steaming -around the 18th minute- the Burner was still alight, though the Piston seemed to slow down gradually and very smoothly over a minute or so came to a full stop.
I removed the lighted Burner- placed it on the bench and then smothered the flame with a damp Hand Towel- this works well to extinguish the Burner before doing anything else.

When the Engine had cooled down I removed the Safety Valve and Boiler End Plug and drained the remaining water from the Boiler- to my surprise there was still quite a bit of water left over- probably 50ml- and this is good as it is recommended not to allow the Boiler to run dry. I concluded that the Boiler towards the end has insufficient water in it to raise enough steam and pressure to drive the Piston.

 At the end of the running the Engine three times - I let the Engine cool down and gave the MAMOD an entire clean. I used 'Brasso' for the raw metal parts which really needed a good polish. You may note in the above detail photo that the Knurled part of the Safety Valve has at some time been damaged by the use of pliers....I've decided that I can replace it. I have ordered the MAMOD Safety Valve from Balarat. (Shown Below).
I'm very pleased with the MAMOD -MM2 - it is interesting to know that the Engine was manufactured some 51 years ago in England and that I have recently purchased it from Ric Dickens of Gainsville, Florida (USA) in late August the little Engine has been around the World.

Well- that is my news for Sunday.
Have really enjoyed my MAMOD.
Until next time.
Cheers. KEV.

Friday, 31 August 2018


Greetings....This afternoon I completed a small 'Concept Model' of my S.S.Cormorant - it is approximately one sixth' of my large 1:16th Scale model ( yet to be built and finished).

 The S.S.Cormorant model is entirely made of solid pine wood, styrene plastic and paper.

Side view of the model. The Portals are painted on- and the Windows were printed from the Computer on paper.

Front View of the S.S.Cormorant.

 My MAMOD -MM2 arrived today from Florida (USA)...very pleased with the Stationary Steam Engine. It is simply a beautiful model and an absolute work of art.
The MAMOD has a nice pantina and is in great condition for it's age.

View showing the side with the  Oscillating Cylinder.

Very pleased with the MAMOD-MM2 from Ric Dickens...Ric made the Florida Cypres plinth.

My S.S.Cormorant 'Concept Model'- on display in my Study.

Well- that is about my news for this last day of WINTER.
Happy Modelling.
Cheers. KEV.

Friday, 24 August 2018

MAMOD & Other Stationary STEAM Engines.

Greetings.....My MAMOD -MM2 Stationary Steam Engine is on it's way from Florida (USA).

I can hardly wait for the arrival of my MAMOD - it is something which I have wanted to own for a very-very long time and I assured Ric Dickens - the original owner- that the MAMOD is certainly going to a good home.

 This evening I have ordered two Books by the American- Tubal Cain. I'm hoping that Tubal's books will show some Plans which I can adapt for my own version of a Stationary Steam Engine model.

 Late tonight - apart from ordering the Books - I watched several Videos by Tubal Cain. I found his Videos very instructional and informative and I feel that I've picked up a lot of very useful hints and tips - particularly on Machining.

Above is shown one of Tubal Cain's Vertical Steam Engines - he particularly likes to simplify his designs and their appeal is in their simplicity - being directed towards the 'Beginner'.

I've just ordered the Stan Bray book from the UK - very much looking forward to receiving this publication and as it has details about making Boilers this will be interesting to read.

The other day I ordered William Green's Book - all about MAMOD. Very much looking forward to reading this book when it arrives. I'm particularly interested in the 'Restoring' aspect - as this activity does appeal to me greatly. I am presently in two minds - either restore old MAMODs or attempt the design and building of my own Stationary Steam Engines...either way- it all will be tremendously enjoyable.

Progress on my 1:16th Scale S.S.Cormorant 'Dolls' House' is very slow....I'm just getting over the Flu after two weeks and should re-start my model making on the Cormorant very soon with the making of many windows and doors. I have not lost interest in the Project - indeed I realize it is a very involved project and will take a great deal of time to is to be enjoyed and as it is my final Project ( apart from an interest in MAMOD) - I'm in no rush to get it all done quickly and out of the way. I need to take my time and enjoy the whole process.

Well- that is my news for the moment.
Until later....Cheers. KEV.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

My MAMOD Stationary Steam Engine - worth waiting 50 Years.

Greetings....I have been pre-occupied these past five days - thinking about and chasing up a MAMOD Stationary Steam Engine. After this mornings failed attempt to obtain an engine through an Australian Auction on e-Bay after waiting three days....I spent the day searching for MAMOD on the Net.

This evening my prayers were answered in finding a MAMOD -MM2 in the USA - from Florida.

I chose to buy this MAMOD- MM2 - for some very good reasons:

1. The Steam Engine IS a genuine MAMOD.
2. It has a Methilated Spirits Burner.
3. The engine is in good working order.
4. There are NO missing parts- it's intact.
5. The engine is in great condition.
6. It was entirely affordable at $75 US.
7. The Engine is exactly what I want.

I have owned this Mamod booklet for ages- at least ten years and I've always had it in the back of my mind to one day own a MAMOD.

My interest in MAMOD goes back to my Primary School years -about 1966- where we had a Special Fete Day at school- one of the 6th Class Pupils had set up his Mamod Steam Engine in one of the class rooms along with other 6th Class Students showing their 'Hobbies'....I liked the miniature steam engine and enjoyed watching it run and the smell of wafting steam and spirit.

Mr Barnes - our Local 'Cycle and Hobby Shop' owner had lots of interesting things for sale in his shop....Hornby, Tri-ang, Scalextric, Airfix, Humbrol, Britains and yes- MAMOD. All through my youth I'd visit the shop to admire the models, kits and sets....always wishing to own a MAMOD....this never eventuated.

When I was about 14 years old my Danish friend Michael Kjaer- owned a little MAMOD engine - a MM1 or an MM2....most likley an MM2. Michael's House was not far from my home - in a new suburb of Campbelltown. We spent some pleasurable time running the little engine of  Michael's on the concrete Laundry outdoor steps...doing this was indeed most enjoyable and certainly something that I do cherrish fondly from our youth...I often wonder where Michael is and how he is doing....we were in the same Class at High School.

By the time I was financial my Partner and I also had a Mortage and other bills to pay and careers- and off-course it seems like I've spent a life-time being distracted by other 'Hobbies'- in fact -a lot of wasted years. Instead of lamenting - it is high time to do something about what I really want and am most interested in...

 Above is a page from the Mamod Booklet showing some of the Mamod Products- the lower photo shows the Stationary Steam Engines - with the MM2 closest to view....this is my favorite of the MAMONDs.

 To-day apart from buying the MM2 from Florida- I also ordered William Green's book on MAMOD Steam Engines- this book I feel will be an excellent reference - particularly to learn more about caring for MAMOD. The book will arrive by the end of the week from Sydney.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week and I fully intend to get along with my Airial Steam Ship Project in 1:16th Scale....lots to do whilst I await the arrival of my MAMOD from Florida which could take up to three has been worth waiting 50 years for this...a few more weeks yet isn't much to ask.

Until next update.
Best Wishes. KEV.