Saturday, 30 July 2022

A NEW Project- BACCUS 6mm Marlburian.

 Hi...I've my mind set on a New Project using BACCUS 6mm Malburian figures. I intend to do two Imagi-nations  armies which I will name as the Kingdoms of Grolstein and Stanisburg.

I found these photos of the 6mm Baccus figures on the NET- here we have an Infantry Regiment of 24 figures and it's accompanying Artillery.
The 6mm Baccus figures are painted up superbly- which is incredible- amazing detail.
The above photo will give you an idea of the actual size of the 6mm Baccus Regiment which is based on a 60mm wide frontage by 30mm depth. The Flag appears to be printed paper.

With this Project I can have two smallish Armies and play Solo on our back Veranda in the Summer.
I can make paper buildings and obtain Noch or Baccus miniature Pine Trees.
I can do the two opposing Armies with Uniforms of one in Grey and the other in Blue to represent the Kingdoms of Grolstein and Stanisburg.

Well- that is my news for tonight.
I'm very much looking forward to this Imagi-nations gaming project.
Stay well my Friends. Cheers. KEV.

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Slot Car FIGURES in 1/32nd Scale.

 Hi....I've ordered three packets of MRRC Plastic 1/32nd Slot Car Figures- all from Bristol UK.



                                                                      The SPECTATORS.

I really like these MRRC figures - I had all of these figures some ten or more years ago and had a fun time painting them all up- looking forward to doing it all again. 

Well - that is my news for this afternoon.
It has been very cold here - certainly looking forward to Summer. Cheers. KEV.

Monday, 25 July 2022

LANCIA LC2 and My SCULPTING in 1/32nd.

Hi...My favorite 1/32nd slot car has to be the Lancia LC2 from 1984 - I like the Martini colors and the detail of the car made by is just superb.

The #6 Lancia LC2- just a superb model.

The Lancia #6 in action out of the Canon-Esso corner.

Over the past week I've been sculpting 1/32nd scale figures for my slot car track. This morning I purchased a packet of 'Carrera' 1/32nd Figures- upon inspecting the standing figures from the Carrera set I came to the conclusion that my sculpting efforts so far will not, I've re-done my figure drawings and sculpting templates to better suit the Carrera sizes. The figures I have so far sculpted will be scrapped and tomorrow I intend to start again from scratch with sculpting to the new sizes and proportions for 1/32nd.


Well that is my news for this evening - it has been a cold day though no rain- which is good at present.

Stay well my Friends across the Globe. Best Wishes. KEV.


Friday, 22 July 2022


 Hi...Thought to give you a general update of my Scalextric track which is at it's maximum size.

The full extent of my Scalextric Track after adding some more track - the table measures 16ft x 5ft and now the total running length of track is 37ft.

View of the South End of the track - showing my scratch built Pit Area and Control Tower.

View of the North End of the track- I added the Pine trees behind my Safety Barriers.
I hope to do more scenery in the future.

Shown is the Digital Lap Counter and Timer by Scalextric.
So far we've had races of 22 laps duration and Fastest Lap Times of around 7.1 seconds. 

The LANCIA LC2 leads out the Shell PORSCHE from the Cannon-Esso Corner.
Both Le Mans type 1/32nd slot cars are by

My latest slot car is the Lancia LC2 #29 - it is a beaut model and runs really well.
Shown is my sculptured figure in 1/32nd - I hope to do more figures in the future.

Well- that is my news for this evening.
It had been raining and it is very cold.
Things may fine up on Sunday.
Best Wishes. KEV.

Friday, 15 July 2022

The 3rd RACE DAY with SLOT CARS.

 Hi....This afternoon we had our third Race Day here with Karl winning two races and I won two races as well. Before racing started I installed the newly delivered Scalextric Digital Lap Counter and Timer.

The Digital Lap Counter and Timer installed with the two Generic Le Mans race cars at the ready for the running of the testing laps.

The Digital Lap Counter and Timer can be programmed for up to 999 laps and can record a Lap time of up to 99.9 Seconds....we were running 22 Lap Races with a Lap Time of about 6.5 seconds.

During the course of the Race day Karl raced the Mercedes and Shell Porsche and I ran my favorite- the Martini Lancia LC2.

After Race Day I moved the wooden plinth to be re-positioned under the Digital Lap Counter for extra support.

I've ordered another LANCIA LC2 #29 and it is very nice and should arrive this coming Monday.
The price was right - and I do like the look of the 1984 Lancia.

For some reason whilst Karl was racing with the Mercedes #61 - it stopped completely - we thought it to be a loose electrical contact. Later I removed the chassis of the Mercedes only to find all was in order - however floating loose around was a small plastic rear taillight- I concluded that this had become jammed in the gears of the Mercedes to make it stall. I replaced the tail light to where it should have been. Also, when I removed the chassis the rear wing of the Mercedes had come loose- with some careful plastic trimming with the craft knife and an additional replacement styrene mount and use of super glue I re-did the Wing Mount and now it is stronger and more robust. I painted the new part with Gloss Black Acrylic paint- and all is well now. The Mercedes now runs super!

Well Friends that is my news for this evening.
We've had another great day racing the Slot Cars.
Bitterly cold here now. Stay well my Friends.
Cheers. KEV.

Saturday, 9 July 2022

ADDING New Track to Layout.

 Hi....Yesterday I built a Track Extension to take my Scalextric Track up to 36ft in total running length. My Slot Car Table is now 16ft x 5ft overall. I cannot go any bigger in Track Length- this is now the maximum at 36ft running length.

The new Scalextric track extension is closest to the camera.

The extended track is 18 inches longer and it has made a real difference to the Lap Times.

The two Le Mans race cars coming out of the curve onto the new straight track.

I added some Pine Trees to the Northern End of the track.

The two Le Mans cars coming out of the Canon-Esso curve.

A view of the Scalextric Track taken from the Northern End.
I'm very pleased with the new extension at the Southern End.


The Generic Le Mans car #21 continues to be a favorite Scalextric race car model- I just adore it.

Well - that is my news for this Sunday. Please stay well and happy my Friends. Cheers. KEV.

Friday, 1 July 2022


 Hi....My GINETTA-LMP1 Le Mans type racing car arrived today. The Scalextric 1/32nd car is a beaut!

The LMP1 runs very smoothly and has head lights.

I think I will run the TOYOTA-GT1 against the GINETTA-LMP1.

I've ordered a Scalextric Digital Lap Counter.
I placed the order with England as I could not find the product here anywhere.
I had one of these Lap Counters ten years ago and they are really good.

Scalextric have done a super job with this Le Mans styled race car.

Well that is my news for this afternoon.
It is teaming with torrential rain.
Looking forward to our next RACE DAY.
Best Wishes. KEV.