Sunday 21 April 2024

Sunday Morning BATTLE.

 Hi...Today we had our first Battle with the GZG 25mm STARGRUNT Figures.

Greg Mc - commanding the KraVak Aliens.
Victory went to the KraVak.

Overview of the Games Table prior to gaming.

The KraVak forces with Power Armor and Grav Tanks.

The NAC with Grav Tanks.

The NAC contingent.

Basically the game went to the Kravak who caused three of the NAC squads to be forced back.

A good game which took little time to play out- most enjoyable.

Cheers. KEV.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi- I have had an enjoyable time designing and building the Grav Tanks for the NAC and KraVak. KEV.

  2. Nice to see everything laid out and you enjoying all these pieces you've worked so hard on!

    1. Thanks Mari- yes, it was good to have everything out on the games table complete- most pleased with how the figures, buildings and terrain turned out. KEV.